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  1. Is the Tea Party evil?

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    I'm pretty sure it would surprise none of our regular readers that I am actively involved in Tea Party activities.

    Having been honest about the context, here are the "15 non-negotiable core beliefs" of the Tea Party, generally.

    1. Illegal aliens are here illegally.

    2. Pro-domestic employment is indispensable.

    3. A strong military is essential.

    4. Special interests must be eliminated.

    5. Gun
  2. City Owned Taxi's: Friend, Foe, or Folly...

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    Back on August 13, the Kokomo Tribune announced local government plans to develop and operate a government taxi-cab service - displacing private business that already provides public-assistance transportation throughout Howard County.


    NIK requested, and quickly received, quite a lot of information regarding the City's Proposals and planning in this venture.

    Mr. Larry Ives, Director of the Kokomo / Howard County Governmental Coordinating Council answered
    Kokomo Politics
  3. New Feature Tour : User Blogs -- Highlighted on the main page

    A really cool new feature of this version is the ability of all registered users to create their own blogs and have them featured right on our front page. This is just such a entry for my new blog, which is where I'll post all of our articles from now on.

    Here's a good tutorial from another VBulletin user on Youtube...


  4. "Downtown beautification"

    Instead of the city of Kokomo spending money on "bump-outs or bump-ins for the sidewalks around the courthouse or art work or monuments, should they not focus on giving business' an incentive to move downtown? Right now the majority of downtown is vacant with not even a restaurant in sight. Basically your just spending dollars to make it nice for city and county workers who spend their days there. Besides of course the people who are heading to court. Don't get me wrong I love the thought ...

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  5. greentown is a sad sad place

    it is a sad thing to see such a beautiful little town run by such dumn women .It is hard for me to believe that people have not made some changes ,I know she's big and looks pretty scarey but come on the two together couldn't figure out how to thread a needle, but they sure keep the boys in line must have something to do with that million plus's a good thing there is a few smart men on the boardor it'd all be spent on cheap hair dye and dime store make up.Thats ok girls you keep those reins ...
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